We dehydrate the flower petals - crush into
a powder - mix with other ingredients to
form a clay.  Each bead is hand-rolled to
the desired size and after a drying period
made into various items/products. The
color of the flowers determine the color of
the beads.
Flowers can be given to us fresh or already
Address -
A Lacy Creation
3641 Stanford Dr
New Franken, WI
(if sending flowers through the mail please call or
e-mail first so we are aware that they are coming)
A Lacy Creation
At a Lacy Creation we assist people in saving   
memories from flowers.  You can bring or
send flowers to us from weddings, funerals,
anniversaries, gardens....the list is endless.  
Any type of flowers work, even leaves.
Sending flowers in the mail is easy.....
Cut off stems 1" before the blossom - separate by
colors - place into paper bags or wrap in paper towels -
place  paper bags or towels into a large envelope or
box and send.  (DO NOT USE plastic bags - flowers will
get moldy and we will not be able to use them).
Please include you name and contact information so I
can let you know when we received the flowers and
can confirm your order.  
This is our daughter Lacy, whom the business was
named after.  She has special needs and is able to
help out in the packaging of each order (under
Dad's close supervision). We feel very blessed to
have Lacy working with us each day.
Care instructions:
1. Apply perfume, lotion, hairspray, etc. first - then put on your jewelry.
2. Avoid getting the jewelry wet - do not wear swimming, showering,
washing dishes etc.
Make an appointment to bring your
920.360.1562 or mlriha@yahoo.com